Why do barrettes make such good accesories?


Olivia | 05/15/2013

Hi, I am one of the owners of Beautiful Barrettes, and I love all of the feed back, comments, votes, ect. We hope you continue to enjoy our website, and we hope you will all make a purchase soon because remember supplies are limited so don't wait.


Casey | 06/06/2012

I's me again and I Love all your comments and perspectives! :)

Easy as 123

Casey M. | 11/20/2011

I am one of the makers of Beautiful Barrettes, and I think barrettes make such good accessories because the are so beautiful and simple to make, put in and diplay.

very impressive!

Mrs. Harvey | 11/18/2011

Your product is so creative, and your marketing tools--business cards, website, "model," video--are brilliant!

I love the barrettes!

Heidi McAlpine | 11/18/2011

These barrettes make wonderful hair accessories! I just love them! What wonderful color choices.

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