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Our Sales

05/14/2013 20:53
Sale prices are subject to change.   Not all styles are available at all times.   Some barrettes are a limited time offer.


05/14/2013 20:40
We had great sales at the prototype convention last year. We look foward to another great year of sales. We hope you all enjoy our newly launched company.  -The owners of Beautiful Barrettes


11/06/2011 12:52
These barrettes will be for sale in one week and two days. We will be selling at Fifers Day this year.

Need help?

11/06/2011 12:45
If you have any questions contact us at our email above. We will reply ASAP to any emails we get. Don't be afraid to ask. Thank you.

About our Guest book

11/05/2011 12:52
This guestbook is for entering our world wide discussions.
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